September Snow

by Brad Proudlove

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released December 19, 2019


all rights reserved



Brad Proudlove Rosefield, Saskatchewan

Born and raised in the heartland.

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Track Name: Cold as Hell
Crystal Ball, Nothing comin’ through at all
Western wind, kickin’ up the snow again
And the fog in the valley’s made its way ‘to my brain as well

Another winter Cold as Hell, daddy’s on his way downhill
Heard folks say, they should just send him away
But the pain from his liver doesn’t make feelin’ better seem right

So we just sit around and fight, barely sleepin’ through the night
Waitin’ on the Lord to come, prayin’ that his will be done
But the night’s gettin’ longer, we’re not feelin’ much stronger than him

So listen to the howlin’ wind, another winter cold as sin
Truck won’t start, like a metaphor for all our hearts
We can’t bear to admit it but we just weren’t made for this cold

But love is patient, so I’m told, there’s no escapin’ growin’ old
I can fix myself, but there’s no fixin’ daddy’s health
If we just stick together, we can push through this weather somehow
Winter won’t last forever, but some nights will be Cold as Hell.
Track Name: Easier Told than Saddled and Rode
You’re born and you die and somewhere between
Something gives you meaning
If you’re lucky, at least

I was a boy, the age of 18
The world at my feet
And nowhere to be

I prick of my heart, would flood like the sea
But love isn’t easy
In fact, that’s what it means

As thick, and as cold
As the river is froze
Easier told, than saddled and rode

The older I get, the harder it seems
To look out and see
The forest for trees

A prick of my heart, a slow trickling stream
A moment of grief
Like dew on the leaves

You’re born and you die, and somewhere between
Life loses it’s sheen
Or is it just me?
Track Name: September Snow
Bitter cold, Dry dust and snow at the same time
Water’s froze, ridin’ home down the same old line
Stayin’ whole, takes more than what I got inside
But I still say I’m doin’ fine
Out of sight, I don’t mind

Movin’ slow, stay quick in the low, keep a sharp eye
Prairie rolls, way out ahead in a straight old line
Turning home, spend all evening just wonderin’ why
I’ve got darkness in my eyes

Sunday Next, all dressed up in my cowboy best
But in my chest a heart still burns
Life’s a test, put the hours in long just like the rest,
And hope to hell the tide will turn

Back’s near broke, coffee’s cold ‘fore the sunrise
September snow, life’s on hold while the crop dries
Lone coyote, keepin’ close to what he thinks might die,
Lookin’ square into my eye
Get along, I’m still alive
Track Name: Used to Be
Wild sage has gone to seed,
It used to be
An AM radio was all I’d ever need

Our old age is in the reeds
We used to be
So damn young and dumb and eager to believe

Winter’s in the air, but it’s only September
You’re right over there, but I can barely remember you at all
At all

Put away those earthly things,
And follow me
There’s something beautiful behind those dying trees

One more day gone in a blink,
Things used to be
So damn long and drawn out waiting through the weeks

Winter’s in the air, please return to sender
Ain’t no time to prepare, for this earthly surrender to it all
It all
Track Name: Such a Lonely Place
Out beneath the stars, the silver moon, no passing cars,
I whispered
Something in your ear and pulled you closer in my arms.
It feels like
Everybody else are all a million miles away,
I guess they are.
Or maybe that’s just something stupid people say

Up before the dawn, you kissed me through a stifled yawn
We laughed
And felt each other’s beating hearts right there upon our arms
When people say
How can you live out there in such a lonely place
I tell them places aren’t lonely
Only people are lonely….

Start another fire, a pot of coffee and we’ll sit awhile
Just be here together in each other’s time and space
No conversation’s
Really needed, everything I have to say
Is just
A gaze into your eyes, it’s in the warmth of your embrace

Maybe we’ll come back on down to earth one of these days
But then again,
maybe we’ll hold our breath and learn to float away
While down below us
All the people go about their day to day
And we’ll say, places aren’t lonely
Only people are lonely…

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